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Eric G. Grundset has conducted genealogical research since the late 1970s. He served as Library Director for the DAR Library in Washington, D.C., for 33 years and retired at the end of 2017. The author of numerous articles in genealogical publications, with a focus on transcriptions of unusual Virginia records, Eric is also the editor of volumes on Virginia record abstracts, atlases of historical Virginia county boundary changes, source guides on the American Revolution for most of the original states published by the DAR, and an NGS guide to Virginia research. A lecturer at national, regional, state, and local genealogical conferences and events since the early 1980s, Eric has shared his knowledge of sources and techniques for research in Virginia, New York, and other states. His own research concentrates on Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D. C., Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and areas in Norway. Beginning his genealogical studies with the “inherited” work of a great-aunt in Richmond, Va., and grandmothers with long memories who lived to be 102 and 95, Eric knows that despite over 40 years of work, there is still much more to do in all of his areas of interest.

Enduring mysteries

Ida Mary Way, age 3-4, ca. 1866, Berkeley County, West Virginia.

My first visit to NEHGS was with a now-deceased friend and former coworker and her husband in a February in the mid-1980s. This was also my first visit to New England. We drove up for a genealogy-related purpose: Sally was picking up a melodeon, a reed organ, from a cousin of hers in Dedham. While in the Boston area, we went downtown, ate at Durgin Park, visited Goodspeed’s Book Shop, and, of course, went to NEHGS for a few hours. It is a far different place now than it was 35 or so years ago. I still remember some of the look of the place, especially where the microfilm used to be on the level between the two of the floors, along with most of the rest of the public areas. Continue reading Enduring mysteries