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  1. Proud of my ancestry with the Alden’s of the. Plimouth Colony which included Duxbury where the Alden House stands today. It is owned, protected and preserved by the Alden Kindred of America. My direct family lived in that home for five generations, and for the next five I had grandmothers from the family ( in those days women did not own property) and those wonderful women left. Duxbury with their husbands. Every time I go back to Duxbury, I am reminded of this wonderful family who served their community so well through generations.

    1. Happy to meet you, cousin. I’m also connected to the Aldens of Plimouth Colony through John Alden’s daughter, Sarah, who married Alexander Standish. They had a daughter, Mercy, who married Alexander Sampson…and on down to our McGowen and Rhodes. Just learning about this site.

  2. How can I obtain a 2011 copy of Eileen P story about Nobles County, MN as my ancestors arrived there in the 1800’s.

  3. My Mom-in-Law was a descendant of John of ‘Oak Hill’ and Robert ‘Cambridge’. The Hudson River Valley is a truly magical place.

  4. My ancestors are the John Folsom and Mary Gilman who cam over on the Diligent in 1638. Looking for acurate informtion on Ephriam Folsom their son and his ancestrial line. Christiana Folsom 1827-1900 was my great grandmother. I would love to know I am following the correct line and more history

    1. I too have the Folsom/Gilman ancestry. You probably have all the sources I have but:
      Davis Massachusetts and Maine Families: lengthy Folsom and Gilman entries altho it does not go beyond immigrant family
      Genealogy of the Folsom Family, Elizabeth Knowles Folsom 1933. I have copies only of pages that affect me so cannot tell if it expands on Ephraim but there is a lot of info here.
      Register 30,, April 1876 25 page essay: p214 covers Ephraim family and some further generations but not to your Christiana.
      NH Wills has several Folsom wills
      Christiana in NOT in the Jane Fiske index of the register.
      Paul ONeil

      1. Thank you for the information. It is always nice to find some of that family. I have nothing except for what I found on Ancestry. I will go look at your tree if you don’t mind. My fuller tree is on Ancestry and it is public.

  5. I am looking to learn more about my families – who came in 1637 to Massachusetts Bay Colony – Woburn – John Kendal(l )(plus 3 sons and daughter), Gill and Dowse families. I have found births, deaths and town names over the generations. Any books anyone would recommend?

  6. I am looking for a descendant of George Aldrich, who came to Dorchester in 1631 and subsequently became one of the oriiginal settlers of Mendon, MA, who may be carrying on the history/genealogy since the demise of the Aldrich Family Association. The last name I have of the Historian was Robert L. Criswell of Florham Park, NJ in 1997.

    1. Am searching for documentation, but think I may be a descendant of Nicholas Knapp.
      Peter Knapp (1701-1748) would be one of my 6th GGP.

  7. I used to receive an email letting me know when the latest Vote Brevis post dropped. I haven’t received on since early October. as something changed?

    1. The same thing happened to me. I miss the notices that there was something new to read. I had asked how I could get emails again and so far no response.

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