A Mulcahy mystery

Michael Mulcahy on his wedding day.

On 7 May 2018, my maternal grandmother Eleanor Margaret (Buckle) Sadlow passed away at the age of 89.  She was born 22 August 1928 in Arlington, Massachusetts, the daughter of William and Frances (Mulcahy) Buckle; in 1947, she became the wife of Chester Francis Sadlow.

Following this sad event, as I was helping to go through some of my grandparents’ belongings. I came across a photograph of my great-great-grandfather Michael Mulcahy. The back of this photo had my grandmother’s handwriting indicating that her maternal grandfather was born in 1869 and died in 1960, and that this photograph was taken on his wedding day. I immediately recognized the name from my previous research on this family line and felt a strong pull to discover more about him.

I was quickly able to find that Michael Mulcahy was my immigrant ancestor on the Mulcahy line. According to census records, he emigrated from Ireland to the United States sometime between 1888 and 1895. He married Margaret O’Connor in Arlington on 8 June 1898. Their marriage record gave me the names of his parents: Michael Mulcahy and Frances “Fanny” Hoare.

According to census records, he emigrated from Ireland to the United States sometime between 1888 and 1895.

The 1900 U.S. census for Michael and Margaret Mulcahy in Arlington indicates that Michael was already naturalized by the time this census was taken. He notes that he was born in March of 1870 and that he immigrated in 1891, had been in the U.S. for 9 years, and worked as a farm laborer. Subsequent census records provide a range of dates of birth from 1868 to 1872 and immigration years from 1888 to 1895.

A search of Massachusetts naturalization records show that there were only a few Michael Mulcahys naturalized prior to 1900. Out of these few, one of these Michaels was residing in Arlington, worked as a farm laborer, and came from County Cork in Ireland. I did know from family records that he was from County Cork. This naturalization record noted that Michael was born on 6 January 1872 and that he filed a petition for naturalization at Boston on 2 October 1896.

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Irish records reveal that there was a Muchael Mulcahy, son of Michael and Frances (Hoare) Mulcahy, born in County Cork on 27 May 1869 and baptized on 30 May. While this does not match the date of birth provided on the naturalization record I found, this could still be the same person given that Michael Mulcahy noted his date of birth anywhere from 1868 to 1872 on census records.

Glounthane Parish is marked. Courtesy of the National Library of Ireland

According to the Irish birth and baptismal records for Michael Mulcahy, he was born in a place called Ballyreagh, presumably in County Cork. Michael’s baptismal record is found in the Parish of Glounthane (sometimes known as New Glanmire), District of Carrignavar South, County Cork, just a few days after his birth on 30 May 1869. However, while searching multiple sources including the General Alphabetical Index to the Townlands and Towns, Parishes and Baronies of Ireland, I could not find a place called Ballyreagh in Glounthane Parish.

The closest location name I could identify in County Cork was a place called Ballyre. However, this location is about 20 miles from the parish of Glounthane, which would have been a long way to travel only 3 days after Michael was born. There are various place names matching with Ballyreagh – but not in County Cork.

Eleanor (Buckle) Sadlow at my grandparents’ home in Stowe, Vermont.

While this location brings up some questions to the origins of the Mulcahy family, there is still a lot of research I can do in hopes of finding answers. I hope to clarify their location and move forward with discovering more of my Mulcahy ancestors through my beloved grandmother Eleanor. I hope in some way these findings can be a tribute to her and our shared Irish ancestry.

About Michelle Norris

Michelle holds a master’s degree in history from Salem State University, where she specialized in women in colonial New England. She completed her bachelor’s degree with concentrations in history and gender studies from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Michelle has a background in public history and has worked with the National Archives and Records Administration in Waltham, the Beverly Historical Society, and the Sargent House in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Her research interests include women’s history, society and culture, early America, and the American Revolution.

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  1. You’re probably looking for Shanballyreagh (An Seanbhaile Riabhach), a townland of Knockraha (Cnoc Rátha), a village in the Parish of Glounthane.

        1. Happy to be of service! I hope this will open a new path for you on your Mulcahy line. Interestingly, it does appear that Knockraha is in the Parish of Glounthane, but Knockraha’s adjacent townland Shanballyreagh is in a neighboring parish.

    1. As Michelle noted, there are several places in Ireland and Northern Ireland with names that are the same as or equivalent to Ballyreagh. Her ancestor was born in County Cork, not County Antrim.

  2. Some points of info re Irish research. Placenames have many spellings. Get familiar with sources for variant spellings. Personal names also have many spellings.

    Second, when you say parish, do you mean civil parish, Catholic parish or the parish of another religion? They are not the same. Government records will usually be the civil parish and Catholic records in the Catholic parish.

  3. Don’t forget that sometimes a couple will re-use names if a child dies young, so the birth record may have been for an earlier child who was given the same name.

  4. This was very insightful! my grandmother Dorothy was your grandmothers older sister and she would have really loved this. She too was very interested in the family line and learning all she could about it! Thanks

  5. Hi Michelle, I was there the day that picture of Eleanore was taken picking that apple, we had a cook out that day! Here is what I found on Michael Mulcahy, right or wrong its hard to know for sure. When Michael Mulcahy was born on May 29, 1869, Carrignavar South, Cork, Ireland, his father, Michael, was 30 and his mother, Frances, was 39. He married Margaret O’Connor on June 8, 1898, in Arlington, Massachusetts. They had seven children in 12 years. He died on February 6, 1960, in Arlington, Massachusetts, at the age of 90. His wife Margaret O’Connor was born in May 1870 in Cork, Ireland, the daughter of Mary and Michael O’Connor. She died on March 25, 1968, in Arlington, Massachusetts, at the age of 97. His father was Rev. Michael Joseph Mulcahy was born on December 23, 1838, in Cork, Cork, Ireland, the son of Catherine and Denis Mulcahy. He had three sons and four daughters with Frances Hoare. He died on May 13, 1908, in Cleveland, Ohio, at the age of 69. His grand father Denis Mulcahy was born in 1800 in Cork, Ireland. He married Catherine “Kate” Murphy on February 21, 1832, in Blarney, Cork, Ireland. They had four children during their marriage. He died in April 1847 in Glanmire, Cork, Ireland, at the age of 47. His grandmother Catherine “Kate” Murphy was born in Cork, Ireland. They had four children during their marriage. She died on October 20, 1884, in Orillia, Ontario, Canada.

    1. Michelle, that picture of Eleanore isn’t from Stowe Vermont, they lived in Wells Vermont and we ate ham steaks and baked potatoes that day. Chet, Eleanor, Warren and Sophie drank beer and highballs, memorable day.

    2. John, this is Wayne Morris. Son of Barbara Frances Dillon. Are we related? My mom and Jackie were the daughters of Mary Ellen Mulcahy

  6. This is a comprehensive family tree which may include your great great grandfather: http://falvey.id.au/

    The site has a great deal of information relating to the Mulcahy family in Cork – so it may be of value.

    Good luck Michelle!

  7. Hi Michelle,
    My name is Marguerite.My sister came across your post and we decided to reply as we think there may be a connection between our families..
    Our grandfather was Michael Mulcahy (now deceased) and lived in Ballyreagh (sometimes known as Shanballyreagh). It is in the parish of Glounthaune. Glouthaune parish is made up of 4 areas which are Glounthaune, Little Island, Brooklodge and Knockraha. Ballyreagh is a townland in the northern end of Knockraha. Our grandfather, Michael Mulcahy, may have been a nephew of your great great grandfather. Our grandfather was brought up on the family farm and he inherited it from his father, David Mulcahy.
    My mother is also aware of your search and is keen that we follow it up so I will go to the Parish records over Christmas or early New Year. I will check if I can find out the names of
    any brothers that my great grandfather, David Mulcahy, may have had.
    I will let you know what my researches bring!!

    1. Hello, I am desperately searching for information on Michael Mulcahy 1880 born in Ireland and lived in Merthyr Tydfil

  8. Michelle, I have all that famile tree done. I know all about Michael Mulcahys family back ground. I made contact with his nearest surviving relatives.His parents moved from Shanballyreagh, Knockraha and setteled in a place called Churchtown North ,Midleton Co Cork. His sister Ellen married a man by the name of Thomas Kelleher and he owned a Public House in place called Dunsfort on the Youghal side of Midleton.The Pub changed hands many times. The Pub was later known as The Two Mile Inn. The are still Mulcahys up in Shanballyreagh Knockraha,and also in Leamlara.The Mulcahys orrignated from The townYOUR land of Ballywatta Leamlara Co Cork. The old ancestrial burial ground of the Mulcahys is in a cemerty called Templecureen in the Parish of Carrigtwohill Co Cork. I spoke to a Margaret (Power) Lyons only yesterday. her granchildren or her siblins grand children are 4th Great Grand Children of your Michael Mulcahy = Frances Hoare. Frances Hoare was born on the 04th of October 1837 in a place called Killderick in the Parish of Cloyne to parents Thomas Hoare = Ellen Shanahan. Frances was married on the 08th of Febuary 1861 .Wit were James Hoare Edmond Walsh. 5 Children is what I have found so far,as follows Michael 1869, Ellen 1866, Catherine 1871 all in Knockraha Parish. Margaret 1875, and last John 1880 both in Midleton Parish. The Power family are your closest reltaives that living here so far that I know of. There are 4 Powers Margaret, Jackie, Elizabeth and Cha theie brother, Hope this will help youin some small little way. Hope to hear from yoy. Martin

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