Mayflower kin: Part Two

A few months ago, I wrote a post on the Mayflower descents of Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul and The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon announcer Steve Higgins. Fairly soon after that post, I got an interesting e-mail from Paula Petry of New Mexico, whose son Ben Petry played Jake Pinkman, brother of Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman, on Breaking Bad. She let me know that her son Ben, through her husband’s ancestry, was also a Mayflower descendant, and that a few months prior, she had done done some genealogical research and connected back with Mayflower passengers Stephen Hopkins and his daughter Constance, William and Mary Brewster, and Thomas Rogers and his son Joseph.

As we corresponded Paula told me that her husband’s Hopkins line had been submitted by the New Mexico Mayflower Society historian for final approval in Plymouth (they’ve got a big backlog). Using our own Mayflower Families Fifth Generation Database, I was also able to find a second Stephen Hopkins descent (through Stephen’s son Giles, also a passenger), as well as a descent from passengers John and Joan Tilley, their daughter Elizabeth, and her eventual husband John Howland. The chart below outlines these descents from five Mayflower families through eleven passengers.

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My prior post also related to Steve Higgins. Steve Higgins and Ben Petry are distantly related through their shared Higgins ancestors. During our recent self-isolation, I have enjoyed watching The Tonight Show: At Home Edition, now created at Jimmy Fallon’s home in Long Island, with his wife as a camera operator and their daughters making special appearances. An episode featuring Fallon on camera with his wife, film producer Nancy Juvonen, walking together and discussing her upbringing (born in Connecticut, raised in northern California) prompted me to check out her family tree.

I was able to trace her back to Mayflower passenger Edward Doty. This lineage below goes from New England, via Chicago, to the West Coast. Noah Scranton (1744-1823) of Madison, Connecticut, is described in the 1855 Scranton genealogy as having “made a voyage round the globe in his youth, so report says.” His son Noah Scranton (b. 1794) is described as a pump and blockmaker who lived in New York City. (His wife Betsey Reeves was a native of River Head, Long Island.) This couple moved the family to Chicago, where the family lived for several generations. Noah’s great-great-grandson David Flett Morris (b. 1917) moved to Washington State.

As I am also self-isolating and working from home, I no longer have the software at hand to make charts like the one above, so many of my charts in the future will be in a somewhat cruder format.

  1. Edward Doty (ca. 1599-1655), Mayflower passenger = Faith Clarke
  2. Edward Doty = Sarah Faunce
  3. Benjamin Doty = Hester Beaumont
  4. Sarah Doty = Samuel Shipman
  5. Ellen/Esther Shipman = Timothy Bradley
  6. Sarah “Sally” Bradley = Noah Scranton (1744-1823)
  7. Noah Scranton III (b. 1794) = Betsey Reeves
  8. Abner R. Scranton = Mary Elizabeth Hoit
  9. Ida Mailler Scranton = Charles Edward Morris
  10. Arthur Scranton Morris = Julia Louise Flett
  11. David Flett Morris (b. 1917) = Barbara Buell Welts, who m. (2) James Wilson Newell
  12. Pamela Robin Morris, later Newell = William Harwood Juvonen
  13. Nancy Juvonen (b. 1967) = James Thomas “Jimmy” Fallon (b. 1974)


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About Christopher C. Child

Chris Child has worked for various departments at NEHGS since 1997 and became a full-time employee in July 2003. He has been a member of NEHGS since the age of eleven. He has written several articles in American Ancestors, The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, and The Mayflower Descendant. He is the co-editor of The Ancestry of Catherine Middleton (NEHGS, 2011), co-author of The Descendants of Judge John Lowell of Newburyport, Massachusetts (Newbury Street Press, 2011) and Ancestors and Descendants of George Rufus and Alice Nelson Pratt (Newbury Street Press, 2013), and author of The Nelson Family of Rowley, Massachusetts (Newbury Street Press, 2014). Chris holds a B.A. in history from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey.

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    1. I have the RootsMagic program, which has a chart tool. I haven’t tried it out for myself yet, but it looks like it has the kinds of symbols and line formats that would make the “Ben Petry” chart. Maybe someone more experienced will chime in.

  1. This is very interesting to me since I am descended from William Brewster through the Freeman family, as well as the Howland and Gorham families. I have been researching another side of my family that I have hit a brick wall with, mainly because I thought I knew everything from previous relatives about the earlier Freeman’s. Now I am very interested in learning more about this side and those who came next on the Abigail which is the ship Edmund Freeman, my direct descendent came on. I want to look more at the families you wrote about since I find many matches on linking me to these families.

    1. Good Afternoon Christopher and Pamela and Stephen. It is great to see so much info coming down the pike re our families. I too have links to the Hopkins, Morris, Child and other connected families that you have mentioned in several postings recently. My Mom was the Morris in our family -Hila Morris Hilton. I have links to Thomas Morris and your Child families and much more that you have given us re Family History. I use LEGACY and Heritage and several other programs for research and a lot of the data that I seem to be be able to dig out from NEHGS. Thank you friends for all the great data you send us. Sincerely Yours, Paul Morris Hilton, Harvey Station,, New Brunswick, Canada

      1. Hello Paul,
        I do have Hopkins too as well as many other names. Some of the Freeman’s went to Nova Scotia before the Revolutionary War, not as Loyalists, but as Planters. I do have other surnames of ancestors who were Loyalists who also went to Canada. The “brick wall” on the other side is my big mystery, and since you are from New Brunswick, maybe you can help. My 2X ggf was born in Fredericton, but I cannot find any info on him or his parents until he married in PEI in 1865. I have tried, but I just can’t find him. Since he was born in 1844, it appears that there are not records I can find. Any ideas? Thanks!

        1. Good Afternoon Pamela. It is great to hear from you today. Will you please send me the name of your GGFather who was born in Fredericton in 1844. It would be a great help to know if possible the person he married in PEI in 1865 if you have it, A last name would be a big help if you have it. Thank you for contacting me today. My Email Address is Sincerely yours, Paul Morris Hilton.

  2. Please clarify. Is the spouse of Benjamin Doty (my 2C10R) Hester Beaumont (abt 1697-1773 and my 3C8R) or Beamond or Bemen? Her parents were Samuel Bemen (or, Beamond, Beman, Beaumont) & Hester Buckingham.

    1. Good Morning, R D. I looked up in my data and you are so right about the Spouse of Benjamin Doty. Good luck with your research. I wish all of you folks the best of luck with your research. My one wish is that all of my friends keep well and that you all find your ancestry in your amazing research. Thank you Christopher for so much help with our efforts, and the same applies to all of you folks. Love and Best Wishes to Family and Friends, Paul Morris Hilton, Harvey Station, New Brunswick, Canada.

  3. Thanks for the chart in Mayflower kin: Part Two. As a result, we’ve added one more Mayflower passenger and possibly two more.

  4. Very interesting article to come across…My grandfather was David Flett Morris and I believe it is the same person mentioned in this article.

  5. Benjamin David Petry is my 14th cousin 1X removed. This connection goes back to Patience Brewster who is my 1st Cousin 13X removed. I am also connected to John Howland (wife Elizabeth Tilley). He is my 12 X great uncle and a Mayflower Compact Signer. This line goes back to my paternal grandmother through the Bull Family. I am going to need to apply to be accepted into the Mayflower Society. So much amazing history!

    1. Hello,
      We must be related, although I know there are many descendants of these Mayflower families. I am a direct descendant of Patience Brewster, the daugher of William Brewster. She married Thomas Prence, and their daughter, Mercy, married John Freeman. Their son Nathaniel Freeman married married Mary Howland, and their daughter was Lydia Freeman And on it continues through my mother’s line who was born a Freeman. I don’t know the exact # of “greats” this goes back to, but my 5th great grandmother was Lydia Freeman, and another 5th great grandmother was Mary Gorham. I am sure we have many other ancestors in common.
      It’s all very interesting, isn’t it!

  6. Richard Warren — My 11th great-
    Willam S.
    Nancy Jane
    John Vogan
    George Washington..
    Nancy Agnes
    William Rosencran…
    Julia Lavina
    Roy Elworth
    Myrtle Frances
    Hugh Dale
    Betty Wempe
    Then me
    Jeralynn Crabbe

  7. I am related to John tilley and Edward tilley (brothers) how am I connected? I’m obviously related to Elizabeth Tilley and John Howland as well….

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