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Alicia Crane WilliamsFive new sketches have been posted to the Early New England Families Study Project database on AmericanAncestors.org: Daniel Morse, John Morse, Joseph Morse, Rev. John Sherman, and Samuel Sherman.

There are now 61 published sketches:

Principal Individual Location(s) Spouse(s)
Allen, John Weymouth, Rehoboth, Swansea Christian ___
Andrews, Joseph Hingham, Duxbury 1) Unknown; 2) Elizabeth ___
Andrews, Thomas Watertown, Cambridge Rebecca ___ (m. 2 Nicholas Wyeth)
Arnold, Benedict Hingham, Providence, Pawtuxet, Newport Damaris Westcott
Bulkeley, Edward Cambridge, Concord, Marshfield Lucian ____
Bulkeley, Thomas Cambridge, Concord, Fairfield Sarah Jones (m. 2 Anthony Wilson)
Capen, John Dorchester 1) Raedegon Clapp; 2) Mary Bass
Denison, Edward Roxbury Elizabeth Weld
Denison, Daniel Roxbury, Cambridge, Ipswich Patience Dudley
Denison, George Roxbury, New London, Stonington 1) Bridget Thompson; 2) Ann Borodell
Dibble, Thomas Dorchester, Windsor 1) Miriam ___; 2) Elizabeth (___) (Hawkes) Hinsdale [m. 1) John Hawkes; 2) Robert Hinsdale]
Dudley, Samuel Boston, Cambridge, Ipswich, Salisbury, Exeter 1) Mary Winthrop; 2) Mary Byley; 3) Elizabeth ___
Foster, Hopestill Dorchester Mary Bates
Gaylord, William Dorchester, Windsor, Conn. 1) Ann Porter; 2) Elizabeth Drake
Hallett, Elizabeth (Fones) (Winthrop) (Feake) Watertown, Greenwich, Conn., Flushing and Newtown, L.I. 1) Henry Winthrop2) Robert Feake3) William Hallett
Hilton, William Plymouth, Maine, Newbury, Charlestown 1) Sarah Greenleaf; 2) Mehitable Nowell
Hobart, Edmund Hingham Elizabeth Elmer
Hobart, Joshua Hingham Ellen Ibrook
Hobart, Peter Hingham 1) Elizabeth Ibrook; 2) Rebecca Peck
Hobart, Thomas Hingham 1) Ann Plomer; 2) Jane ___
Hudson, Francis Boston 1) Mary ___; 2) Elizabeth (Baker) Watkins [m. 1) Thomas Watkins]
Hudson, William Boston, Charlestown 1) Ann ___; 2) Mary (Brown) Fownell [m. 1) John Fownell]
Hull, Josias Dorchester, Windsor, Killingworth Elizabeth Loomis
Jackson, Elizabeth (Newgate) (Oliver) Boston, Cambridge, Newton 1) John Oliver; 2) Edward Jackson
Jenney, Samuel Plymouth, Portsmouth, RI, Dartmouth 1) Susannah Wood; 2) Anne/Anna Lettice
Johnson, Abigail (Stansfield) (May) Dedham, Roxbury 1) Samuel May; 2) Humphrey Johnson
Johnson, Humphrey Roxbury, Scituate, Hingham 1) Ellen Cheney; 2) Abigail (Stansfield) May [m. 1) Samuel May]
Johnson, Isaac Roxbury Elizabeth Porter
Kimball, Henry Watertown, Ipswich, Wenham 1) Mary Riddlesdale; 2) Elizabeth (Black) (Gilbert) Raynor [m. 1) Humphrey Gilbert; 2) William Raynor; 4) Daniel Killam]
Lane, Andrew Hingham Trypheny ____
Lane, George Hingham Sarah Harris
Leverett, John Boston 1) Hannah Hudson; 2) Sarah Sedgwick
Lothrop, Thomas Scituate, Barnstable Sarah (Learned) Ewer [m. 1) Thomas Ewer]
Lyman, Richard Charlestown, Hartford, Northampton Hepzibah Ford
Makepeace, Elizabeth (Hawkredd) (Coney) (Mellowes) Boston, Braintree 1) John Coney; 2) Oliver Mellowes; 3) Thomas Makepeace
Mellowes, Oliver Boston, Braintree 1) Mary James; 2) Elizabeth (Hawkredd) Coney [m. 1) John Coney; m. 3) Thomas Makepeace]
Morse, Daniel Watertown, Dedham, Medfield, Sherborn Lydia Fisher
Morse, John Dedham, Medfield, Boston Annas/Annis ____
Morse, Joseph Watertown, Dedham, Medfield, Dorchester Hannah/Ann Phillips [m. 2) Thomas Boyden]
Morton, Nathaniel Plymouth 1) Lydia Cooper; 2) Ann (Pritchard) Templar [m. 1) Richard Templar]
Norman, John Salem, Manchester Arabella ____
Oliver, John Boston Elizabeth Newgate [m. 2) Edward Jackson]
Perkins, John Boston, Ipswich Elizabeth ___
Phippen, Joseph Hingham, Boston, Falmouth, Salem Dorothy/Dorcas ___
Pike, John Ipswich, Newbury, SalisburyWoodbridge, New Jersey 1) Mary Turvell; 2) Elizabeth (Blossom) FitzRandolph [m. 1) Edward FitzRandolph]
Pike, Robert Ipswich, Newbury, Salisbury 1) Sarah Sanders; 2) Martha (Moyce) Goldwire [m. 1) George Goldwire]
Rossiter, Bray Dorchester, Windsor, Guilford, Killingsworth Elizabeth Alsop
Saltonstall, Richard Watertown Muriel Gurdon
Shelley, Robert Boston, Roxbury, Scituate, Barnstable 1) Judith Garnett; 2) Susannah [Dimmock]
Sherman, John Watertown, Wethersfield, Milford, New Haven, Watertown 1) Mary ___; 2) Mary Launce.
Sherman, Samuel Watertown, Wethersfield, Stamford, Stratford, Fairfield Sarah Mitchell
Starr, Thomas Cambridge, Duxbury, Yarmouth, Scituate, Charlestown Rachel ___ [m. 2) John Hicks]
Stileman, Elias Salem, Portsmouth, Newcastle 1) Mary ___; 2) Mary (___) Stileman [m. 1) Richard Stileman]
Tompkins, John Salem 1) Margaret ___; 2) Mary (__) Read
Veren, Hilliard Salem Mary Conant
Warner, Daniel Ipswich 1) Elizabeth [Denne?]; 2) Faith (__) Browne [m. 1) Edward Browne]; 3) Ellen (Pell) (Boynton) (Jewett) [m. 1) John Boynton; 2) Maximilian Jewett]
Warner, John Ipswich, Brookfield, Hadley Priscilla Symonds
Winthrop, John the Younger Boston, Ipswich, Saybrook, New London, New Haven, Hartford 1) Martha Fones; 2) Elizabeth Reade
Winthrop, Henry Salem Elizabeth Fones [m. 2) Robert Feake; 3) William Hallett]
Woodbury, Humphrey Salem, Beverly Elizabeth Hunter
Woodward, George Watertown 1) Mary ___; 2) Elizabeth Hammond


About Alicia Crane Williams

Alicia Crane Williams, FASG, Lead Genealogist of Early Families of New England Study Project, has compiled and edited numerous important genealogical publications including The Mayflower Descendant and the Alden Family “Silver Book” Five Generations project of the Mayflower Society. Most recently, she is the author of the 2017 edition of The Babson Genealogy, 1606-2017, Descendants of Thomas and Isabel Babson who first arrived in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1637. Alicia has served as Historian of the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, Assistant Historian General at the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, and as Genealogist of the Alden Kindred of America. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut and a master’s degree in History from Northeastern University.

17 thoughts on “Early New England Families Study Project update

  1. Thanks! Especially for the Daniel Morse sketch as it allows me to swap out Savage’s entry for your now Up-To-Date one in that particular database of mine. And too for the bonus sketch on his son Nathaniel. 2 birds in 1 sketch.

    Take a coffee break!

    1. Hi, go to the search page in americanancestors.org, choose “Advanced Search” then category “Genealogies, etc.”, then database “New England Early Families,” and on that search page there is a direct link to the article explaining the Early New England Families Study Project. Also, check out my previous posts here on Vita-Brevis, which give more details.

    1. Teresa, Tristram Coffin arrived in New England in 1642, thus he will be in the group covered for that year. I am still in 1641, which is extra large because it has to catch up with everyone who was in N.E. by 1640, but who is not covered by the Great Migration (it gets complicated, so bear with us). However, I am beginning to approach the 1642 “basket” and may work on the Coffins in this next year.

      If you have not already seen it, there is a very good account on the Coffins in
      Mary Lovering Holman, comp. for Helen Pendleton (Winston) Pillsbury, Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury…, two volumes (Concord, NH: 1938, 1942)

  2. Dorcas Morse, daughter of Joseph Morse, married Benjamin Clark. Wasn’t his mother Alice Fenn [NEHGR 152:18], or was that another Joseph Clark?

    1. Dorene, Not yet. Thomas Cornell of Boston was a “Great Migration” immigrant, who falls into the second half of the GM project (1636-1640). Thomas Cornell of Portsmouth and Swansea, who married Elizabeth Fiscock in 1642 does fall into the Early Families “basket” for 1642 that I will be working on during the next year. All others will be done according to their dates of marriage.

  3. John Glover and Roger Billings are two Dorchester men (along with John Capen, whom, you have), who, IMHO, should be on the list. Their descendants migrated out into the New Grant-Dorchester South Precinct- now Stoughton, Canton, Sharon, Avon and Foxborough, hence my interest. Dwight Mac Kerron, Stoughton Historical Society.

    1. Dwight, John Glover has already been treated in Great Migration (series 2, volume 3, 72-76). You can access this as a database on americanancestors.org.
      Roger Billing/Billings (Hi cousin) is also a Great Migration immigrant, but he came in 1639, which falls into the undone part of that project. Early New England Families Study Project will pick up with their sons.

    1. Thomas Wight is in the Great Migration Project under 1637, which is the part that has not yet been treated. His sons will be in the Early New England Families Study Project according to the date of their marriage, but since they married in the 1650s and 1660s, they are not on the immediate horizon.

  4. John Moody of Roxbury ca 1633, then Hartford ca 1638 has been included in The Great Migration, and six of his male descendants are included in the 1790 compilation. John’s descendants, as well as his ancestors back to Edmund Moody ca 1495 who saved the life of Henry VIII (from the records of the College of Arms) are at http://www.moodylapointe.com.

  5. Re: William Hilton. I assume that the sketch for William Hilton, included in the 61 completed ones, is for William Hilton, the Elder, son of William Hilton (who came to Plymouth Colony in 1621), and half-brother of William Hilton, the Younger. Unfortunately, I found no way to get to William Hilton, Elder’s sketch. He’s a grrrrrrrrrrrrt-uncle of mine, and I know him as the William Hilton of the ship, Adventure, for whom Hilton Head Island is named. Please advise how I can access W.H. Elder’s sketch. Thanks.

    1. Eleanor, yes the sketch is for William of Hilton Head. When you go to the Database Search Page, choose advanced search, then category “Genealogies, biographies…” and then for Database choose “Early Families of New England.” The first choice in the list will be “Volume” and if you click the down arrow, it will give you the list of names of all of the sketches.

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