An enhanced Early New England Families inventory

Alicia Crane WilliamsReaders have asked for a more detailed inventory of the Early New England Families Study Project sketches. The following list includes all sketches that have been uploaded to the website:

Principal Individual Location(s) Spouse(s)
Allen, John Weymouth, Rehoboth, Swansea Christian ___
Andrews, Joseph Hingham, Duxbury Unknown; Elizabeth ___
Andrews, Thomas Watertown, Cambridge Rebecca ___ (m. 2 Nicholas Wyeth)
Arnold, Benedict Hingham, Providence, Pawtuxet, Newport Damaris Westcott
Arnold, Samuel Sandwich, Yarmouth, Marshfield Elizabeth ___
Bulkeley, Edward Cambridge, Concord, Marshfield Lucian ____
Bulkeley, Thomas Cambridge, Concord, Fairfield Sarah Jones (m. 2 Anthony Wilson)
Capen, John Dorchester Raedegon Clapp; Mary Bass
Denison, Edward Roxbury Elizabeth Weld
Denison, Daniel Roxbury, Cambridge, Ipswich Patience Dudley
Denison, George Roxbury, New London, Stonington Bridget Thompson; Ann Borodell
Dibble, Thomas Dorchester, Windsor Miriam ___; Elizabeth (___) (Hawkes) Hinsdale (m. 1 John Hawkes; m. 2 Robert Hinsdale)
Dudley, Samuel Boston, Cambridge, Ipswich, Salisbury, Exeter Mary Winthrop; Mary Byley; Elizabeth ___
Foster, Hopestill Dorchester Mary Bates
Hobart, Edmund Hingham Elizabeth Elmer
Hobart, Joshua Hingham Ellen Ibrook
Hobart, Peter Hingham Elizabeth Ibrook; Rebecca Peck
Hobart, Thomas Hingham Ann Plomer; Jane ___
Hudson, Francis Boston Mary ___; Elizabeth (Baker) Watkins (m. 1 Thomas Watkins)
Hudson, William Boston, Charlestown Ann ___; Mary (Brown) Fownell (m. 1 John Fownell)
Hull, Josias Dorchester, Windsor, Killingworth Elizabeth Loomis
Johnson, Humphrey Roxbury, Scituate, Hingham Ellen Cheney; Abigail (Stansfield) May (m. 1 Samuel May)
Johnson, Isaac Roxbury Elizabeth Porter
Kimball, Henry Watertown, Ipswich, Wenham Mary Riddlesdale; Elizabeth (Black) (Gilbert) Raynor (m. 1 Humphrey Gilbert; m. 2 William Raynor; m. 4 Daniel Killam)
Leverett, John Boston Hannah Hudson; Sarah Sedgwick
Lothrop, Thomas Scituate, Barnstable Sarah (Learned) Ewer (m. 1 Thomas Ewer)
Lyman, Richard Charlestown, Hartford, Northampton Hepzibah Ford
Morton, Nathaniel Plymouth Lydia Cooper; Ann (Pritchard) Templar (m. 1 Richard Templar)
Norman, John Salem, Manchester Arabella ____
Oliver, John Boston Elizabeth Newgate (m. 2 Edward Jackson)
Perkins, John Boston, Ipswich Elizabeth ___
Phippen, Joseph Hingham, Boston, Falmouth, Salem Dorothy/Dorcas ___
Rossiter, Bray Dorchester, Windsor, Guilford, Killingsworth Elizabeth Alsop
Saltonstall, Richard Watertown Muriel Gurdon
Shelley, Robert Boston, Roxbury, Scituate, Barnstable Judith Garnett; Susannah [Dimmock]
Starr, Thomas Cambridge, Duxbury, Yarmouth, Scituate, Charlestown Rachel ___ (m. 2 John Hicks)
Stileman, Elias Salem, Portsmouth, Newcastle Mary ___; Mary (___) Stileman (m. 1 Richard Stileman)
Veren, Hilliard Salem Mary Conant
Winthrop, John the Younger Boston, Ipswich, Saybrook, New London, New Haven, Hartford Martha Fones; Elizabeth Reade
Winthrop, Henry Salem Elizabeth Fones (m. 2 Robert Feake; m. 3 William Hallett)
Woodward, George Watertown Mary ___; Elizabeth Hammond

In addition, the following completed sketches await the next update to the website:

Hilton, William Plymouth, Maine, Newbury, Charlestown Sarah Greenleaf; Mehitable Nowell
Woodbury, Humphrey Beverly Elizabeth Hunter

Families under construction include John Warner of Ipswich, Brookfield, and Hadley, and his brother Daniel Warner of Ipswich; Samuel Jenney of Plymouth, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and Dartmouth; and John Tompkins of Salem.

About Alicia Crane Williams

Alicia Crane Williams, FASG, Lead Genealogist of Early Families of New England Study Project, has compiled and edited numerous important genealogical publications including The Mayflower Descendant and the Alden Family “Silver Book” Five Generations project of the Mayflower Society. Most recently, she is the author of the 2017 edition of The Babson Genealogy, 1606-2017, Descendants of Thomas and Isabel Babson who first arrived in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1637. Alicia has served as Historian of the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, Assistant Historian General at the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, and as Genealogist of the Alden Kindred of America. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut and a master’s degree in History from Northeastern University.

12 thoughts on “An enhanced Early New England Families inventory

  1. Thank-you so very much for all your hard work and efforts – it is so very much appreciated!!

    J. Record

  2. I love this work. When you write that more updates “await the next update to the website,” I’m reminded of how the kids felt, waiting for the next _Harry Potter_ book.

  3. I notice the family of Thomas Dibble on the list. I wonder if, with this fresh look at the Dibbles, anything more has been found regarding Mr. Richardson’s discovery that a Dorothy Dibble married a William King in 17 Jan 1621/2 in Yeovil, Somerset (“Additions and (a few) Corrections to Ancestors of American Presidents” by Gary Boyd Roberts, New England Ancestors vol 4, nos. 5-6, pp. 38-40, item 6.)

    This Dorothy certainly appears to be a promising candidate for the wife, Dorothy ______, of the immigrant Wiliam King: They were married about 2 years before William’s first child was born, the William King family and the Thomas Dibble family both came on the same ship (Marygould — Hotten pp. 285 ff), and many others on that ship came from Somerset.


    1. Hi Howard, I did not do any new research on the origins of Thomas Dibble. Early New England Families are summaries of what has been published, in some cases with additions like probate and deeds and commentary about problems. Thanks for the suggestion about Dorothy. I will file that under King, although I won’t be dealing with that family until it is time to do William2 King who was married in 1652, probably a decade from now!

  4. If I might be so bold…… is there any thought to a sketch of David Sage of Middleton? He may not qualify…..but I thought I’d take a chance to ask.

    Best regards,

    J. Record

    1. Jeff, David Sage “qualifies” but the catch is that we are working on sketches by marriage years and are still at 1641-1642. Since David’s first marriage was about 1669/70, it will be a long time before the project reaches that milestone.

  5. I’d love it if you’d publish your “short” list, ie the names you will be working on over the next 1-2 years. I have about 15 ancestors I’m watching for. (Thomas Hammond, George Clark, Joseph Wise, Alice Freeman, Mary Ward & brother John, John Fletcher, William Kelsey, William Thrall, Sarah Bearding (wife of Thomas Spencer) & father Nathaniel, Thomas French, John Bishop, Henry Goldman, Allen Breed, John Stevens, George Weekes, Thomas WIlmarth)

    1. Carol, I understand, but the list isn’t that simple at this stage. Hopefully, I will be able to post some advance lists in short sections as we go along. In the meantime, I’m working on a formula to help people determine whether their ancestors are going to be covered by Great Migration or Early Families to be included in an upcoming post.

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