Inventorying the Early New England Families Study Project

Alicia Crane WilliamsTo access a list of families posted in the Early New England Families Study Project, go to SEARCH on the website Under CATEGORY select “Genealogies, Biographies, Heraldry and Local History” and under DATABASES select “Early Families of New England.” Click on VOLUME and all of the names of the heads of families in the database will appear.

As of this writing, they are: John Allen (m. 1638), Thomas Andrews (m. 1641), Joseph Andrews (m. 1632), Benedict Arnold (m. 1640), Edward Bulkeley (m. 1638), Thomas Bulkeley (m. 1638), John Capen (m. 1637), Daniel Denison (m. 1632), Edward Denison (m. 1641), George Denison (m. 1640), Thomas Dibble (m. 1637), Hopestill Foster (m. 1640), William Gaylord (m. 1641), Edmund Hobart (m. 1632), Joshua Hobart (m. 1637), Peter Hobart (m. 1628), Thomas Hobart (m. 1629), Francis Hudson (m. 1640), William Hudson (m. 1641), Humphrey Johnson (m. 1641), Isaac Johnson (m. 1636), Henry Kimball (m. 1641), John Leverett (m. 1639), Richard Lyman (m. 1641), Nathaniel Morton (m. 1635), John Norman (m. 1637), John Oliver (m. 1638), John Perkins (m. 1636), Richard Saltonstall (m. 1633), Robert Shelley (m. 1636), Thomas Starr (m. 1641), Hilliard Verren (m. 1641), Henry Winthrop (m. 1629), and John Winthrop the Younger (m. 1630).

Note that the “married” date may be a “married by” date or other estimation.

In the batting circle are: Samuel Dudley (m. 1632), Josias Hull (m. 1641), Thomas Lothrop (m. 1639), Bray Rossiter (m. 1639), Elias Stileman (m. 1640), and George Woodward (m. 1641).

I will include updates in the blog posts as new families are finished.

About Alicia Crane Williams

Alicia Crane Williams, FASG, Lead Genealogist of Early Families of New England Study Project, has compiled and edited numerous important genealogical publications including The Mayflower Descendant and the Alden Family “Silver Book” Five Generations project of the Mayflower Society. Most recently, she is the author of the 2017 edition of The Babson Genealogy, 1606-2017, Descendants of Thomas and Isabel Babson who first arrived in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1637. Alicia has served as Historian of the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, Assistant Historian General at the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, and as Genealogist of the Alden Kindred of America. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut and a master’s degree in History from Northeastern University.

8 thoughts on “Inventorying the Early New England Families Study Project

  1. I’m sure eagerly waiting for you to get to Samuel Dudley. I’m descended from his third marriage. I keep on reading different things about his third wife. I’d love to know something about her if it is possible.

    1. Hi Dorothy, Samuel Dudley was a “doozy” of a job with three wives and 16 children. We didn’t find much new about Elizabeth, the third wife, and there still is some confusion about which children are hers. The sketch should be posted soon.

  2. In your list of families, March 20, why are you including only the names of the husbands, not their wives?

    1. Katharine,

      Good point. The sketches are listed in the database under the male head of family, but I will post the wives, too. We will eventually also have sketches for the females who had multiple husbands in order to combine their information in one place.

  3. “We will eventually also have sketches for the females who had multiple husbands . . . .”


    Since the one who gave birth is the one certain parent, the project should be based on the women, not the men.

    1. Jade, I agree. However, we do live in a patronymic culture, so it is still simplest to arrange by husband’s name, and I’ve opted to stay with the traditional! However, I also appreciate that system is not satisfactory for telling the woman’s side of the story. Every sketch that has already been done could be turned around from the woman’s point of view and done slightly differently, even if she only had one husband. But that creates redundancy and turns a 100-year project into a 200-year project! I plan on making sketches for women whose maiden name is known and who have had children by more than one husband. It just takes time to do the added research on the other husband(s). So far there are three qualifiers: Abigail (Standfield) (May) Johnson (wife of Samuel May and Humphrey Johnson); Elizabeth (Newgate) (Oliver) Jackson (wife of John Oliver and Edward Jackson); and Elizabeth (Fones) (Winthrop) (Feake) Hallett (wife of Henry Winthrop, Robert Feake and William Hallett). Not a completely satisfying solution, but at least something.

    1. Hi Harry,

      Josias/Josiah Cooke, Sr., has already been done in the “Great Migration Begins” (vol. 1, pp. 472-475). You can access that sketch on the website at if you are an NEHGS member. Josiah, Jr., married in 1668, so he will be in the Early Families 1668 basket — which is a number of years away.

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